About Great Neighborhoods

About Great Neighborhoods

Great Neighborhoods evolved from the goals of Transform Rockford in 2017. We are a community focused program dedicated to the improvement and success of ALL neighborhoods in our region. We work to build relationships, tear down silos, and remove barriers that divide our community. Great Neighborhoods is community led and partners with a number of diverse organizations and stakeholders to support, promote, empower, and advocate for all of our neighborhoods.


Our mission is to bring neighborhoods together and help them understand who they are, what they have to offer, and empower them to work together on shared goals and actions.

How we help neighborhoods

  • Define themselves geographically
  • Discover and understand their unique identity
  • Help promote neighborhood pride
  • Identify all their assets/strengths
  • Co-create goals and plans
  • Help develop marketing and branding strategies
  • Share best practices
  • Communicate information and resources
  • Organize and connect neighbors
  • Support neighborhood activities and meetings
  • Provide education and training

Download the Rockford Region Neighborhood Strategy Document

Great Neighborhoods has created a strategy that addresses neighborhood revitalization in the Rockford region. The foundation of our strategy originated from the Rockford Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy that was created in 2019 with the National Resource Network, City of Rockford, and other community partners.

Our strategy provides the framework and is designed to meet the unique needs and desires of all neighborhoods.

Download the Great Neighborhoods revitalization strategy for all neighborhoods.