Alpine Ridge


Alpine, Rural, Hemlock, State St. expanded to Guilford and Fairview


How would you introduce or describe your neighborhood to a stranger.


Quarterly Meetings, 2nd Tuesdays at 6pm at 1st Covenant Church


  • First Covenant Church
  • Miracle Mile
  • Neighbors involved in the community
  • Alpine Ridge
  • Healthcare options
  • Elementary Schools
  • Parks
  • Variety of Churches
  • Quiet Neighborhood
  • Longevity/Stability of neighbors


  • Love the location and proximity to the city.
  • Appearance of the neighborhood
  • Neighbors are great.
  • Like the convenience and close distance to work.
  • Enjoy the stability and longevity of neighbors.
  • 5 to 10 minutes away from anything they need.
  • Neighborhood is very walkable.
  • Resident who has been there 54 years likes the friendly atmosphere, convenience of stores, and helpful neighbors.
  • A 35 year resident noted that the presence of the church and elementary school attracted them to the neighborhood. Loved the area. Like the cul da sac design that limits traffic.
  • Neighborhood feels safe and comfortable.
  • Affordability attracted them to the neighborhood 12 years ago.
  • Easy to get around.
  • Have never felt unsafe.
  • Minimal traffic.
  • Like the adjoining creek and woods. Adds a nice country feel to the neighborhood.
  • Woods in some areas add to the ambiance of the neighborhood as being woodsy.
  • Know adjacent neighbors in adjoining neighborhoods.
  • Convenience to stores.
  • Covenant Church offers homework help and tutoring.
  • Neighbors photograph garbage cans that haven’t been returned. They turn them in to Neighborhood Standards. Neighbors are involved in keeping their neighborhood tidy.
  • Have organized community garage sales.
  • Provide welcome baskets to new neighbors. Cookies, etc.
  • Neighbors offer helping hands to each other. Makes for a great sense of community.