Great Neighbor Award

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Great Neighbor Award

Great Neighborhoods understands the importance of recognizing our residents who are doing their part to make their neighborhoods better throughout the region.

Nominate your neighbor for the Great Neighbor Award and we will say thank you. We present our nominees with a certificate of recognition and a $25 gift card.

The Great Neighbor Award Guidelines

The Great Neighbor Award was created for neighbors to recognize neighbors for the work they do in their neighborhoods. It is a tool used to promote neighborhood pride as well as get to know someone you may not know. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you nominate someone:
  1. Great Neighborhoods accepts four nominations each quarter. Additional nominations that are received will be considered in the following quarter.
  2. The Great Neighbor Award is meant to be neighborly. Please nominate a neighbor that is not living with you and is not necessarily related to you.

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