Keith Creek


Woodruff, 24th, Charles, 11th


The KCNA is dedicated to representing our residents with a unified voice.  Primarily, we focus on issues which affect safety, security, and quality of life.  Our secondary function is to build a strong community through sponsorship of neighborhood events.

Core Values

Diversity is the engine which drives the tenacious spirit of our neighborhood.  We celebrate inclusiveness and welcome neighbors of all races, religions, and sexual orientations.

The Board of Directors works as a unified body.  The voice of each individual carries equal significance.  Association members and Board members are here to serve one another as much as ourselves.  Elected positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer exist to provide an efficient organization.  Democratic principle of a majority vote will apply to major decision making.

Respectful discussion is standard operating procedure at all public meetings.  All opinions and ideas are open for debate but should always be conducted in an honorable manner.  We never condone any kind of personal attack or the blaming of one individual for problems which the entire community should solve together.

The association does not condone any kind of vigilantism.  Our policy is to always call law enforcement to report suspicious activity.  No person is authorized to misrepresent the KCNA by claiming to be a security watchperson.  In all cases, proper law enforcement should be contacted to report suspicious activity.

Credit for KCNA accomplishments belong to the entire group.  We will celebrate positive results together through community events, which our shared efforts make possible.

Transparency at all levels is an integral element in maintaining a viable organization.  Treasury reports are presented monthly and copies may be obtained at any time.  Large expenditures will be approved by a majority vote of the members at a monthly meeting.

A positive focus will always keep our group motivated.


Monthly, 3rd Thursday at 6:30 at Redeemer Lutheran Church


  • SwedishAmerican Hospital
  • Redeemer Church
  • Church Hill Park
  • Schools
    • Nelson
    • Lincoln
    • East
  • Resident police officer
  • Neighborhood gardens
  • Keith Creek/Redeemer Church Events
  • Local economy ~25 shops
  • Keith Creek (the creek itself)
  • Free little library
  • Salvation Army


  • 60 year member of the church
  • Importance of the people
  • Location
  • Neighborhood/Neighbors
  • Neighbors looking after each other
  • Schools
  • People
  • Convenience
  • Lifetime in the neighborhood
  • Close to jobs
  • Originally an old Swedish neighborhood
  • Family was in the area
  • Walkability
  • Greenspace/Park – Use to have the Ice skating rink and baseball games
  • Churches
  • Close to the hospital
  • Natural beauty (trees/forest)
  • Natural helping spirit of the people
  • Cleanliness of the yards
  • Restaurants