What is Asset Mapping and why should we want to do it in the Rockford Region with the Great Neighborhoods team? Our team has come up with our own process for Asset Mapping that gives the power of identifying assets to the neighborhood residents that live there. The groups look to identify six major topic items during our process,

  1. Individuals – people that have unique skills or talents
  2. Physical Space – gardens, parks, architecture, playgrounds, etc.
  3. Local Economy – businesses, shops, banks, markets, etc.
  4. Arts & Culture – artist, galleries, neighborhood events, etc.
  5. Institutions – schools, hospitals, libraries, museums, etc.
  6. Associations – charitable groups, social groups, recreation groups, neighborhood associations.

The groups identify and map these on images of the areas and make lists of these assets. This exercise helps the neighborhood residents identify all the great things their neighborhood has to offer, not just for the Rockford region but for people outside our region. The activity is a great way to meet your neighbors and possibly learn about a great hidden gem in your neighborhood that you didn’t know about or think about as an asset.

Our neighborhoods have a lot to offer and by performing Asset Mapping we area able to identify these and use them to help brand and market our neighborhoods. Organize a group and let’s get this great activity scheduled!