We envision a city of connected communities where residents know their neighbors and work together to preserve and improve their neighborhoods.

To help equip residents and neighborhood organizations with the tools they need to effectively lead their neighborhoods we have developed the Great Neighborhoods Resource Guide. The resource guide is a sort of toolkit to help neighborhoods improve.

We frequently talk about best practice, and how using what others have as a great way to lead to success. The resource guide has many things that we have identified as things that will help you build a successful neighborhood. We intend to take input and continue to add to the resource guide.

Built environment aside, communities are made of people.  And the strongest communities are the ones in which people are connected and engaged.  Logically one of the most essential building blocks of a neighborhood is the residential component. The big question is, of course, how do you begin to create the good places that every neighborhood craves? What process can you use to build spots where people want to hang out? Experience has shown that bottom-up rather than top-down strategies to create or revitalize public spaces work best. This approach is based on the simple idea that the people who live in a neighborhood are the cornerstone for a great neighborhood and how it is shaped.

Please reference the Resource Guide and see if you discover some tips to make your neighborhood great. Any project to improve things should be guided by the community’s wisdom, and what fits for your neighborhood. This is the most important lesson about making great neighborhoods.